In the Lion’s Den

The seventh episode of Sky High starts with the trio arriving in Lagos and meeting with the Colombians and Carmen at the port. Rosa tells Sole that she knows who killed Estrella and is going to the police to inform them. However, Rosa does not know Ferran is the chief of police and will get herself into trouble if she goes ahead.

Sole’s Shocking Discoveries

Carmen and Sole speak with each other and ensure Mateo does not know about their secret deal. Rogelio informs Sole that Fernan is a mole and that there is a password-protected app on his phone. Sole is set up to be arrested at the hotel. Mercedes has set her up in the deal with Duque.

The DEA Bust

The DEA cannot process the minister’s request for the drug bust, which the Colombians have likely bribed. Sole is shocked to learn about Ferran’s involvement in Estrella’s death. Mateo tells Sole the truth about Fernan.

The Escape Plan

Sole confronts Fernan about the truth. She has a tense scene with Fernan in her hotel room, where she accuses him of using her. Without Mateo’s protection, they are unsafe. Sole requests Carmen to arrange a way out, and she begins talking to her contact off-camera. Mercedes walks up to Sole and still pretends not to know anything.

The Finale

Rosa is watched by Ferran, who hits her with his car, but she tries to use the gun given to her by Fita in an abandoned vehicle. Fernan fights the men but is overpowered. Sole uses the weapon to shoot the Colombians and takes Mercedes with her. Rogelio intervenes, but Ferran gets the upper hand. As he is about to shoot Rogelio, Rosa hits Ferran, and he dies. Marta arrives at the scene, looks at Rogelio intently, and leaves with Rosa.

The Episode Review

The finale of season 1 of Sky High was handled like the previous episodes. The story was concluded hastily and lacked in-depth character development. However, it was still an entertaining and action-packed episode. The confrontation between Sole and Fernan was intense, and the showdown had some surprising twists. Overall, Sky High’s season 1 was a thrilling and engaging ride.