Snapchat down reports are coming in by thousands as the popular social network has confirmed to be not working.

Apart from the hoards of users that have flooded Twitter with hashtags like #Snapchat, #down, and #Snapchatdown, an independent outage monitor which goes by the name of Down Detector has also confirmed that it has recieved an unusually large number of down reports for Snapchat in the past hour.

According to the reports, while almost all users are unable to send or receive new snaps, some users are greeted with the ‘server connection error.’ Some users have also reported getting notifications from Snapchat but unable to actually open them.

It is still not clear at this point that whether this outage has anything to do with the host of Google services going down at once. However, considering the fact that Google’s Cloud service backs Snapchat, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to assume that Snapchat going down had indeed something to do with Google services going down.

Users tweet #SnapchatDown

Hundreds of thousands of users are affected by the Snapchat crash, they took to Twitter to express their anger.