The Spy Classroom episode 13 release date is much awaited after the last installment ended with a massive cliffhanger. Despite fans’ eagerness for the upcoming installment, there has been no word from the makers on the episode’s release date.

Spy Classroom Episode 13 Release Date, Spoilers, Preview, Where to Watch, and More - Klaus in Episode 2 of Spy Classroom

When is Spy Classroom Episode 13 Releasing?

Unfortunately, there will be no more episodes in season 1. Spy Classroom episode 13 is not coming out because the show has concluded with episode 12.

As decided by the makers, the first season of Spy Class was supposed to have only 12 episodes. But as the show became more and more exciting, fans wanted more of it and were expecting episode 13.

Despite fans’ requests, it has been confirmed that there will not be an episode 13 for season 1. However, fans can still look forward to Spy Classroom Season 2, where they can expect more thrilling action.

When Spy Classroom Season 2 is Releasing on Crunchyroll?

The Spy Classroom Season 2 release date has not been announced yet. Not just the release date, but the show has not even been renewed yet by Studio Feel.

Spy Classroom Episode 13 Release Date, Spoilers, Preview, Where to Watch, and More
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The probability of the renewal will depend on the demand and the availability of the source material.

Fortunately, there is enough source material for the Season 2 of Spy Classroom, so the show will likely be renewed for another season soon.

The manga series has a continuation in Japan which makes a great possibility that the series will continue in the form of anime as well.

Where to Watch Spy Classroom Episode 13 online?

Spy Classroom Season 1 is available to watch exclusively on Crunchyroll. And since Crunchyroll holds the distributing rights to season 1, it is expected that season 2 will also be broadcasted on Crunchyroll.

The show is available to watch in English as well as in Japanese. The final episodes of the series premiered on March 30th, 2023.