Spy x Family Chapter 77 will be released this month. Here’s every detail about its spoilers, release date, raw scans and more that we know so far.

Spy x Family is an action, comedy spy-themed Japanese Manga written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. Shueisha publishes manga. The manga was also adapted into an anime that ran for two seasons. The plotline follows Loid Forger, an agent assigned on a mission to maintain peace between Ostania and Westalis. To do so, he has to make a family and not get caught as a spy. He then adopts Anya from an orphanage and marries Yor, who turns out to be a skilled assassin. The manga has released 76 chapters, and the next one is set to be released soon.

Anya (pink hair) is a kid with telepathic abilities. Yor (Black hair) is a skilled assassin, and Loid is a Twilight spy.

Spy x Family Chapter 77 release date and time

The next chapter of Spy x Family will be released on March 19, 2023. For worldwide fans, we have the timing below.

When Anya won her first stellar star, she asked for a pet dog from Loid and Yor as a gift. The dog is named Bond.

7 am, Sunday, March 19, Pacific Standard Time.
10 am, Sunday, March 19, Eastern Standard Time.
3 pm, Sunday, March 19, Greenwich Mean Time.
4 pm, Sunday, March 19, Central European Time.
8.30 pm, Sunday, March 19, Indian Standard Time.
11 pm, Sunday, March 19, Philippine Standard Time.
12.30 pm, Monday, March 20, Australia Central Standard Time.

Reddit spoiler release date, time and where to read Spy x Family Chapter 77 online

In the previous chapter, Anya gets a stellar star for her bravery in the bus highjack incident. Yor and Loid are worried about her and ask her to be careful. While dropping Anya off at school, Loid apologizes to Anya for not being there. But she knew he was present. She asks if all parents love their children, thinking about how Milinda treated Damian. But this instead makes Loid believe that she is unhappy with him. Anya reads his mind and uses this information to make him buy her a cake while returning home.

Damian and Anya have a confrontation at school, as usual. Damian calls her a commoner after Becky tells him he’s losing Anya because she is getting famous. Instead of having a negative impact, this stifles interest among their classmate to know how Anya lives her life. What meals does she eat? Anya decides to train everybody in combat skills but gets stopped by Damian. Anya calls him a jerk, and Damian insults her family in return. After this, Anya starts to cry. Damian makes her stop crying by promising her candy after school.

The spoilers for chapter 77 have not been released as of the time of writing this article. The release date for the Reddit spoilers and raw scans happen two days before the official release. The date is predicted to be March 17, 2023. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more updates on the same. Fans can read the Manga on Viz media.