Spy x Family Chapter 79 is releasing soon. Fans have been waiting long to know what happens further in this engaging manga series.

The Japanese manga Spy x Family is getting more and more exciting with each ongoing chapter. Anya’s interaction with Twilight’s handler and the Dogs having a friendly fight was the highlight of the previous chapter. Read on to know more about Spy x Family Chapter 79 release date and a summary of chapter 78.

Spy x Family Chapter 79 release date
Loid and Sylvia Sherwood

Spy x Family Chapter 79 release date

The manga series is a biweekly manga and releases one chapter every two weeks. Spy x Family Chapter 79 is expected to be released on April 17, 2023, at 12:00 AM Japanese Standard Time. The global timings are given below.

  • Japanese Standard Time: April 17, 2023, 12:00 AM, Monday
  • Pacific Standard Time: April 16, 2023, 8:00 AM, Sunday
  • Central Standard Time:  April 16, 2023, 10:00 AM, Sunday
  • Eastern Standard Time: April 16, 2023, 11:00 AM, Sunday
  • Atlantic Standard Time: April 16, 2023, 12:00 PM, Sunday
  • Brazil Standard Time: April 16, 2023, 12:00 PM, Sunday
  • UK and Ireland: April 16, 2023, 4:00 PM, Sunday
  • Europe: April 16, 2023, 5:00 PM, Sunday
  • Moscow Standard Time: April 16, 2023, 6:00 PM, Sunday
  • India Standard Time: April 16, 2023, 8:30 PM, Sunday
  • Vietnam Standard Time and Thailand Standard Time: April 16, 2023, 10:00 PM, Sunday
  • Philippines Standard Time: April 16, 2023, 11:00 PM, Sunday
  • Australian Standard Time: April 17, 2023, 12:30 AM, Monday

So mark the date and time on your calendars to enjoy Spy x Family Chapter 79.

Where to read Spy x Family Chapter 79 online?

The spy comedy manga is available to read on Viz media’s official website and Shueisha’s MangaPlus website. The first and latest 3 chapters are available to read on these websites.  The manga is free on Shueisha’s official mobile app, MangaPlus. It is also available on the Shonen Jump+ app on a subscription basis.

Anya Forger from the manga

Spy x Family Chapter 78 Summary

Before heading to Spy x Family Chapter 79 let us know a recap of the previous one. At the beginning of the chapter, we get to see Sylvia Sherwood, who shuts off her alarm and goes back to sleep.  Her dog wakes her up not soon after. She then heads to the Westalis Embassy in Ostania. While she is talking to her coworkers, one of the comments is about her untidy outfit.

Sylvia gets a lot of updates, and status reports and then sends out commands to her agents whom she handles. She is met by the WISE Agent at her workstation, who reprimands her for being unkempt around the workplace. Sylvia leaves the embassy irritated and declines a lunch offer so she can take her dog for a walk.

Sylvia meets Twilight and gives him an extra mission.

Sylvia calls her dog, Aaron, for a stroll when she gets home (in reality, she is going to meet Twilight). Aaron eagerly approaches her but trips over some paper and bumps his head against a cupboard. Sylvia apologizes for the mess and starts to clean it up, but she stops after remembering her late daughter and an unidentified lover from the past.

A disguised Sylvia and Loid cross paths at the dog park, where Anya is playing with Bond. Loid tells Sylvia that Anya was excited to play following her half-day at school. Aaron is greeted by Loid, who gives him a note from the dog’s collar along with an extra job for the upcoming week. Then, when Sylvia inquires about Melinda Desmond’s progress, Loid gives her no update.

Anya notices Sylvia and walks over to her as she and Loid converse in code. Aaron is one of the bomb dogs identified by Loid as having been used in the attempt to assassinate Minister Brantz. Sylvia confirms this while also mentioning that she was responsible for caring for him. Anya can hear Bond and Aaron talking as they approach close to each other thanks to her telepathy.

After their meeting is over, Sylvia decides to depart and Aaron is angry that Bond can’t recall him. Anya, on the other hand, is aware that Bond wants to play with Aaron, so the two pursue Sylvia while asking for her dog’s name. Anya proposes a competition between the two dogs to see who is superior. To Loid’s astonishment, Sylvia agrees to the contest because she wants to know who trained their dog better. She tells Loid that she will excuse his new mission if his dog Bond wins the competition.

Competition between Aaron and Bond

The obstacle course is the first event, and the winner is the one who completes it the quickest. Bond makes mistakes on the course and clocks in at more than 2 minutes, while Aaron and Sylvia achieve a perfect 39 seconds. Loid, though, is unyielding in his stance. Later, the dogs compete in “tracking and retrieving,” where they have to locate the handkerchiefs of their rival owners that have been secreted around the park. The dogs start by becoming accustomed to the odors of Loid and Sylvia, who have attempted to minimize their scent.

The dogs begin to follow, but Bond soon gives up and starts to feel hungry. He detects the aroma of spaghetti and starts following it. He soon realizes that the smell is from an old dried pasta stuck on Sylvia’s jacket, coincidentally that is where she is hiding her handkerchief. The dog that can catch a frisbee that has been tossed the farthest will win the final event of frisbee tracking. A strong blast of wind causes Loid and Sylvia to restart after Bond predicts them flinging their frisbees.

Anya notices the vision, and she and Bond are convinced that they will win this match As Loid and Sylvia throw their frisbees, the vision’s events unfold, but Bond remains still, much to Loid’s dismay. The frisbee comes back to Bond as the wind picks up, and Bond sprints over to collect it. The frisbee strikes him in the face, causing him to trip and collapse, and Sylvia chooses to declare a tie.

Sylvia has a change of heart

Following that, Anya tells Aaron that she enjoyed playing with him, and she plays some more with Bond. Sylvia also tells Loid that WISE wants to find out whether any of the Project Apple research teams are associated with Donovan Desmond because there are speculations that some of them may still be active. Anya unwittingly touches a chord when she comments that someone her age had fun as Sylvia and Aaron were ready to leave. Despite this, Sylvia affirms that she had a good time and urges Anya to play with her again soon.

Aaron is given a promise by Sylvia that she will clean their house when she gets home from work and they make their way home. But will this last for long? How will the equations change in Spy x Family Chapter 79?

Prediction for Spy x Family Chapter 79

In the previous chapter, Loid’s handler Sylvia gave him an extra mission. Previously, there are only two extra missions in the manga and the last one was in 2019. In Spy x Family Chapter 79, we can finally get to see Loid doing something apart from his family. It is an interesting development. The extra mission is expected to be released before or after Spy x Family Chapter 79 release.

While you await the release of  Chapter 79 check out the animated trailer of the series. Keep reading Hiptoro for more updates on the extra mission!