Stranger Things Season 3 is all set to come out in mid-2019. However, excitement is already in the air -as a new comic series is likely to introduce us to newer characters from Eleven’s past. We saw ‘Eight’ (Kali) appearing in Stranger Things Season 2. These comic books will give us a look at a new test subject.

Is there a possibility that the new characters become a part of Stranger Things Season 3? Let us take a closer look!

Stranger Things Season 3 new character SIX
Image Dark Horse

Everything We Know About The Stranger Things Season 3 Comic So Far

This new Stranger Things Comic is being published by Dark Horse comics. Interestingly, it looks like Dark Horse and Netflix have teamed up of late. Netflix recently produced ‘The Umbrella Academy’, a show based on Dark Horse Comic characters.

Stranger Things Season 3 comic books will be a four-part series. This comic will introduce us to a new character from Eleven’s past: ‘Six’. Her real name is Francine and she has the powers of precognition – she can anticipate an event before it happens! She uses this power to break free from the lab.  The cover of the comic has also been revealed.

Stranger Things Season 3 Comic Book Cover
Image: Dark Horse

Stranger Things Season 3: Will ‘Six’ Be a Part of the Show?

While there is always a chance of ‘Six’ appearing at the show, there are currently no plans to bring in a completely new character. However, we’ll get a better idea about things in the weeks to follow. Stranger Things Season 3 release date is all set to be on the 4th of July!

Stranger Things Season 3 Netflix
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