Donna Porée (@donna9p), decided to lock her apartment to quarantine with her husband. She left behind a sack of potatoes in the apartment which started sprouting out. When the student returned home, she finds that the potatoes have taken over her kitchen. Once this post was shared online, many others shared similar pictures, so let’s scroll down and see what the scenarios looked like in different homes.

#1 And Now We Know Where Pringles Come From

#2 Potatoes Were Hiding In My Pantry. They Look Like Some Sort Of Sea Creature

#3 This Bag Of Potatoes In My Basement

#4 A Potato I Found Under My Kitchen Counter Looks Like Some Sort Of Alien Forest

#5 Sweet Potato Sprouting

#6 The Microwavable Potatoes I Left Over Winter Break Sprouted

#7 Apparently If You Rotate A Sprouting Potato Every Few Days, They Get Confused.

#8 Yesterday I Turned This Potato Upside Down, And Today I Got A Practical Lesson In Gravitropism, The Tendency Of Plants To Alter Their Growth With Respect To Gravity. Bonus: It Turned Into A Lobster

#9 I Had A Heart Attack

#10 Won’t Be Photographing Any Mountains Or Foreign Destinations In The Foreseeable Future So I Decided To Take Some Shots Closer To Home

#11 Box Of Potatoes That Has Been Left Unopened For About A Year

#12 When You Left Somewhere 5 Months Ago, Come Back And Didn’t Realise You’d Left Some Potatoes In A Cupboard

#13 I See Your Tomato, And I Offer You A Bucket Of Seedy Potatoes And One Kitty

#14 This Potato Has Been Growing For 3 Weeks

#15 Delicate Sweet Potato Sprouts Look Unearthly And Beautiful, Like Martian Coral

#16 My Dad Found A Horror Potato Sprouting In The Back Of Our Pantry Drawer

#17 My Potato Is Ripe I Think

#18 Forgotten Purple Potatoes

#19 This Sprouted Sweet Potato I Forgot In My Pantry Looks Weirdly Pretty

#20 This Is What Happens When You Leave A Bag Of Potatoes In A Closet For Almost A Year

#21 Old Potatoes Planted This Morning

#22 I Forgot About The Last Of The Potatoes

#23 Found A Sprouted Potato At Work…

#24 These Sprouting Potatoes

#25 My Friend Forgot About A Bag Of Potatoes She Bought Six Months Ago.

#26 What Happens When You Leave Potatoes In The Cellar For 6 Months

#27 Left A Sprouting Sweet Potato In My Cupboard For A Little Over A Year. Here Are The Results.

#28 We Forgot About Our Bag Of Potatoes And They Sprouted…a Lot

#29 I Found This Sprouted Potato Today, Which Was Hiding In A Cupboard For Along Time. The Roots Tell The Whole Story That The Plant Cant Tell. .seems Like A Familiar Story? Welcome To The Lazy Gardeners Club

#30 I Started Cleaning Out My Nest. I Began In The Kitchen, Here Are Some Potatoes That I Left In The Cupboard For Almost A Year.