A lone wolf with a magnificent coat of black fur was recently spotted on a wildlife camera in Minnesota.

According to the Voyageurs Wolf Project, there are now 19 packs in the area, but none of them have any wolves with black fur, implying that this one was only passing through.

The project shared the “stunning” clip on social media and YouTube:

According to the International Wolf Centre, less than 2% of wolves in Minnesota are black.

“We rarely see black wolves in our area so seeing this black wolf with its seemingly shaggy coat, especially around its legs and feet, was pretty neat!” the Voyageurs Wolf Project wrote in its YouTube description.

The University of Minnesota is conducting research on wolves in and around Minnesota’s Voyageurs National Park.

The video shows the wolf pacing, looking around, then momentarily pawing at the snow before pulling something out and racing away with it in its teeth.

The Stunning Wolf

The Stunning Wolf

In response to a question on Twitter, the organization stated that the object was most likely “a rock or something.”

The Voyageurs Wolf Project has released some spectacular footage in recent years, including a pack of nearly all black wolves traveling through last year, trail camera film of a pup learning to howl, and footage captured from a wolf’s collar camera.