HBO’s most popular series is getting renewed for another season. Succession Season 5 seems a possibility after it breaks all viewership records on the digital streaming platform.

HBO is getting great success with its “Succession” and “Barry.” Barry’s Season 4 viewership reached 2.5 million average viewers on its debut, with 710,000 views on Episode 1 and 550,000 views on Episode 2 on the premier night.

Is a Succession Season 5 Possible After Season 4 Breaks Viewership Records?
Succession Season 4 Getting Solid Viewership on HBO Max

While hundreds of thousands of viewers watched Barry and Succession on the premiere night, the views increased by more than 289% later on the streaming platform. The numbers got drastically increased almost 4 times later on the platform.

The third episode of Barry, which was released last Sunday, was watched by more than 600,000 viewers on the premiere night. And if we combine the offline viewership from TV, the numbers will be mind-boggling.

Succession Season 4 Breaks Viewership Records on HBO Max with 2.6 Million Views on Latest Episode

Similar to Barry Season 3, Succession Season 4 broke all the viewership records on HBO Max. With 2.6 million views on the fifth episode that was released this Sunday, the show became one of the most successful seasons in the Succession franchise.

Succession Season 4 has done really well when it comes to views and viewership. The first episode almost had more than 2.3 million viewers, a 33% increase from its most popular episode.

Moreover, the second episode got 2 million views, and episodes 3 and 4 did even better, with 2.5 and 2.6 million views, respectively.

Is a Succession Season 5 Possible After Season 4 Breaks Viewership Records?
Season 4 Viewership Record Raises Hopes for Succession Season 5

Succession Season 5: Can We Expect More After Season 4’s Impressive Viewership Numbers?

There is a very high chance that the series will be renewed for season 5 by looking at the numbers.

While HBO Max has not officially confirmed the season 5 renewal yet, fans are already speculating what would be there in the storyline for the next season of Succession.

Is a Succession Season 5 Possible After Season 4 Breaks Viewership Records?

Is There a Release Date for Succession Season 5?

No, since the show has not been officially announced for season 5, HBO Max has not announced a release date.

Is There A Trailer for Season 5 of Succession?

As of April 28th, there is no trailer out for Succession Season 5. As soon as the series gets renewed for another season, the trailer will be out to watch on YouTube.