SWAT is a drama series remake of a classic TV show from the 1970s.

A week before the air of SWAT season 2 finale, CBS renewed SWAT season 3. However, The network has not officially announced the release date for the 2019-2020 TV season launch.

The classic remake, SWAT season 3 is expected to return its original slot on Thursdays.

SWAT hinted changes for Jessica Cortez

swat jessica cortez news

SWAT season 3 is making a comeback with a lot of changes; particularly with the character of Jessica Cortez, played by Stephanie Sigman.  On Thursday, May 16, 2019, SWAT season 2 finale was aired.

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Jessica Cortez’s storyline in the final episode hinted her absence. She is assumed to go on leave for a while to join a training program.

SWAT season 3 storyline can shake-up the cast

SWAT season 3 comeback

Carter Matt revealed that the storyline of the upcoming season could shake-up the entire cast. Nonetheless, he is yet to confirm on the SWAT season 3 cast.

There hasn’t been any official announcement reported regarding Stephanie Sigman. It is partly assumed that her character is intact and she is still a part of the SWAT season three’s team.

A report by Deadline confirmed on-boarding of Shemar Moore, Lina Esco, Peter Onorati, Alex Russel, Jay Harrington, Patrick St. Esprit, and David Lim.

“SWAT is a movie-esque show”

SWAT updates you need to know

Shemar Moore plays the role of Hondo Harrelson in SWAT series. Before signing as the cast of SWAT season 3, the actor was working on Criminal Minds.

Shemar Moore is proud of SWAT’s way of presenting stories on the television.

In an interview with CBS, the actor said:

“There’s nothing like it on TV because we are making a movie-esque show. Then there’s the life stories and the relationships. We are going to continue to hit on immigration and racial tensions, without preaching.”

In the closing chapter of SWAT season 2, Hondo visits Daryl, played by Dashea Frost. Daryl is still recovering. Hondo took Daryl to a nearby shore and told Daryl to stay long as he wishes to.

Hondo also apologized to Daryl for not being able to pay for his mother’s sacrifices. But he certainly will pay it forward to Daryl with his kindness.