The Feud with Arnold Schwarzenegger

In a recent interview with Jonathan Ross on his UK talk show, Stallone opened up about his long-standing feud with Arnold Schwarzenegger, which peaked in the 1990s.

Stallone revealed that the two stars “couldn’t stand to be in the same galaxy together for a while” and “truly, truly loathed each other.”

According to Stallone, the source of their feud was primarily over rival projects. He explained that Schwarzenegger had tricked him into taking the leading role in a movie he knew would be bad.

Stallone added, “He’s quite clever. He goes around town saying, ‘I can’t wait to do this film…’ I go to my agent, ‘Get that thing away from him. Get people options on me.'”

The movie in question was “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot,” opposite Estelle Getty, which had Stallone regretting his decision almost instantly. He joked that Schwarzenegger had the last laugh, saying,

“I got it and I said, ‘What a piece of shit this is.’ He goes, ‘Ha ha ha!'”

Tit for Tat

Despite the tension between them, Stallone managed to get one back on Schwarzenegger, pointing out the latter’s own bad role in Ivan Reitman’s “Junior.” In the 1994 comedy, Schwarzenegger played a scientist who gets himself pregnant using an experimental drug. The movie has a poor 22% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Stallone joked, “At least I wasn’t pregnant in a film, Arnold. We’re even.”

Their Rivalry Behind Them

Thankfully, the feud between Stallone and Schwarzenegger is now a thing of the past. The two action stars have since worked together in “The Expendables” and “Escape Plan,” putting their rivalry behind them.
Despite their rocky past, both actors have shown mutual respect and admiration for each other. Schwarzenegger has even called Stallone his “best friend” in interviews, citing their shared experience in the movie industry as the basis of their bond.


What is the movie “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot” about?

“Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot” is a 1992 comedy film starring Sylvester Stallone and Estelle Getty. The plot follows Stallone’s character, a tough cop, and his overbearing mother, played by Getty, who interferes in his life and career.

What is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s role in “Junior”?

In the 1994 comedy “Junior,” Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a scientist who gets himself pregnant using an experimental drug.

Source: Insider