Taylor Swift is one such name who is no stranger to media attention. The famed American singer is currently on her Eras World Tour and winning the hearts of fans with her performances. But her recent performance has got her trending for amusing reasons.

She is here to promote Satanism openly, claimed several fans. Videos of the concert started trending on social media as allegations of witchcraft grew stronger.

 Taylor Swift witch satan

All this started when a user uploaded on sensational Tiktok that quickly got viral. The TikTok titled Taylor Swift wants the crowd to chant Summon the demons. Swift replied, “Is this the new 123 let’s go bitch be honest”.

The cancel culture bridge was quick to jump on, mentioning how Taylor Swift’s amusing behaviour is UNETHICAL. The user behind the Tiktok account, tailahoffical replied that this made her feel sad. She used to be such a big fan of Swift. The woman then added,” The demons don’t want to hear about Jesus. That’s the only name they’re afraid of.

Taylor swift satan

Well, it’s not the first time Taylor Swift has come under the radar of conservatives. She has been accused of promoting Satanism earlier as well. But seems like Taylor loves to trigger the conservative brigade by doing some quirky stuff again and again. A tweet posted in 2016 brought a bizarre conspiracy theory.

“taylor is a clone of zeena lavey and helped create satanism”

Some of the more recent tweets include a tweet by @cowboylikeme69:

the first thing i saw was satan and now i’m questioning things

Another tweet made by the user @MirabalGerald says:

Nothing to see here just a giant satanic snake at the Taylor Swift concert. Satan and his follower do not hide anymore is all out in the open.

An old tweet by @theshawnyboy claims:

taylor swift is truly doing deals with satan himself and it’s time we have THAT discussion.

Taylor Swift Fans Defend The Accusations

Some fans were quick to reply.  @lxvndr_girl tweeted that all this is part of her performance aesthetics and it is bizarre that a silly dance is enough to cancel out someone like Swift who has always been involved in a lot of charity work.

Some fans took a quirky dig at all those advocating for cancelling Taylor Swift. If people think Taylor Swift’s a demon then better sell her Eras World Tour tickets for cheap or even free.  And the fact that they didn’t need any preacher talking about Jesus in live concerts.