On her Eras tour, Taylor Swift is alleged to have promoted witchcraft and satanic practices.

Swift, 33, is a well-known singer-songwriter, with a number of her tracks reaching the top of the charts and becoming overnight hits.

Additionally, the “Anti-Hero” artist is well-known for her highly publicized private life, which includes her relationships with other celebrities and has drawn the interest of many of her admirers and the media.

Taylor Swift has also increased her political activism and speaking out in recent years on topics like women’s equality and LGBTQ+ rights.

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However, she is currently facing criticism from conservative Christians who are upset about some of the stage antics that have occurred during her most recent performances.

A set of believers known as conservative Christians adhere to a traditional reading of the Bible and Christian doctrine.

They frequently prioritize family values, pro-life positions, and conventional gender roles and have a tendency to hold conservative social and political beliefs.

Conservative Christians might also support traditional marriage and religious liberty.

The group is now charging the singer of “Love Story” with attempting to spread the word about witchcraft and satanic practices through her performance.

In reality, one of the group’s members criticized Taylor Swift on Twitter.

They’ve said: “Never liked Taylor Swift, but now I definitely have a reason to. [I] just saw a video of her witchcraft/ritual performance on someone’s Insta story.

“Nope! Get that evil out of here.”

They also added: “Believers should not listen to this.”

Online, there is also a different, possibly even stranger, diatribe making the rounds.

Taylor Swift

One Christian lady may have overinterpreted Swift’s stage performance in a popular TikTok video.

She asserts: “In Taylor Swift’s song “Willow,” she portrays herself as a witch while performing rites.

“The first video you watched was recorded by a fan last week at the concert, and he can be heard saying, ‘Yes, summon the demons b****!'” The fact that [Swift] left two comments on the video is the worst aspect.

“This is the new “one, two, three, let’s go b****,” according to [Swift].

The new crowd chants they all use when she performs this witchcraft rite is “summon the demons,” which is what she is actually saying.

“Then she commented laughing emojis,” the lady continues.


my live is where it’s at 🤭 #TSTheErasTour #ArlingtonTSTheErasTour

♬ willow – Taylor Swift

After that, the rather irate lady continues by complaining that people “keep saying stop shoving Christianity down our throats” while “shoving witchcraft and rituals, crystals, astrology and all that down our throats” by famous musicians and artists.

Taylor Swift has acknowledged that her song “Willow” “sounds like casting a spell to make someone fall in love with you,” but she has also said this in the past.

She has released several witch versions of “Willow” since then.

In the song “Mad Woman,” Swift declares that “women like chasing witches too. Providing you with dirty tasks to do.

Additionally, she makes mention of witch hunts in her 2017 record “Reputation.”

In tune “I Did Something Bad,” she sings, “They’re burning all the witches, even if you aren’t one.”

The Conservative Christians criticizing Swift, however, must have overlooked that the term “witch” now has a completely different meaning.

It is now used as a symbol of feminism and is also associated with independent, powerful women, according to Psychsex.