The Case for Ending Ted Lasso

The third season of Ted Lasso premiered on Apple TV+ recently, and while the first episode was enjoyable, it left me with a sense that this should be the show’s final season. Despite statements from the showrunner and one of its stars that the series was planned for only three seasons, Apple has yet to confirm that this will be the end.

Ted Lasso Has Reached Its Natural End

As we enter season three, it is clear that Ted Lasso is building toward a conclusion. The show’s protagonist has won over his critics and earned the respect of the AFC Richmond team and club owner Rebecca Welton. Rather than being a fish out of water story, this season sees Ted grappling with one of life’s biggest questions: where does he belong?

Nathan Shelley, the show’s other essential character, has already gone through his transformation, moving to West Ham United at the end of the previous season. He will likely find redemption and make amends with Ted and the AFC Richmond team at some point this season, bringing his arc to a satisfying conclusion.

Similarly, the AFC Richmond team’s progression from being relegated in season one to being promoted in season two and now fighting for a place at the top table has reached a natural endpoint. Continuing beyond this season would mean dragging out the storylines for the sake of new plotlines, and this would not be very pleasant.

Better to Finish as Champions

Apple should consider ending Ted Lasso while it is at its peak. Although the show has put the Apple TV+ service on the radar of many subscribers, there is real value in letting a series end while it is still beloved by its fans. Netflix’s You is a recent example of a popular show that continued beyond its natural endpoint, devolving into a mess of plotholes and poor characterization.

Letting Ted Lasso end while he is still loved would be the right decision. If Apple wants to continue telling stories within the Ted Lasso universe, a spinoff show focusing on less explored characters might be an option. However, any spinoff would risk feeling forced.


The first episode of Ted Lasso season three felt like the beginning of the end. While it is bittersweet to see the show come to a close, it is the right call for this particular show. The creative team has already delivered gold twice and will likely do so a third time. It’s better to wave goodbye as a champion than to overstay your welcome.