Terrifier 2 Plot Summary

The horror movie, Terrifier 2, features Art the Clown targeting high schooler Sienna and her younger sibling Jonathan. Art kills several of the people close to the teens, including their mother and some of their friends. In the end, Sienna cuts off Art’s head with a sword. But is he dead? Let’s dive deeper into this gruesome tale.

Who is Art the Clown?

Art the Clown doesn’t have a lot of backstories, but it’s evident in Terrifier 2 that he isn’t quite human. At the end of Terrfier, Art kills himself after being cornered by the police. He was resurrected by some evil entity while lying in the morgue. It’s unclear whether he was human before or already a demon.

Why does Art target Sienna and Jonathan?

Sienna and Jonathan are both grieving the death of their father. Sienna’s nightmare ignites a fire in her bedroom, indicating she may have supernatural abilities. Her father sketched portraits of Art after having visions of the demonic Clown. He also drew pictures of Sienna as a warrior figure with angel wings and gifted her a sword with mystical powers.

Did Art target the teens because of a supernatural connection to their father? We aren’t given a definitive answer, but it’s possible Art knew Sienna possessed a sword that could defeat him. Sienna’s father gave her the sword to prepare her for the battles ahead.

What happens during the final battle between Art and Sienna?

The final battle occurs at a horror-themed amusement park, where both Sienna and Jonathan suffer terrible injuries. Art stabs Sienna, and she falls through a hole in the ground leading to a water tank, similar to her dream. Something holds Sienna down, but before she drowns, she breaks free and returns to the amusement park. After reclaiming the sword, which miraculously heals her, she decapitates Art.

Is Art the Clown Dead?

While it could be assumed that Art is now dead, a mid-credits sequence reveals otherwise. Victoria Heyes, one of the women Art targeted in the first film, is shown in a mental hospital giving birth to Art’s head. This possession has given her the ability to bring Art back to life. It can be assumed that Art’s body grew back, and we may see his regeneration in Terrifier 3.

“It can be assumed that Art’s body grew back after the events of the film. If there is a Terrifier 3, we will likely see his regeneration and perhaps learn more about his connection to Sienna and her father. We might also see the clown terrorize the two teens again. If this is the case, Sienna might need to kill Victoria, as she seems to be Art’s entryway back into the world after being beheaded.”