The Big Bang Theory Season 12 is about to end and with it, the show will also come to an end. It will get a little emotional for everyone. However, the show is already shedding fans at a rapid rate, even before its conclusion.

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The Big Bang Theory Season 12 Fan Ratings

Till last Thursday, The Big Bang Theory season 12 was the most viewed show with 11.17 viewers. But there ain’t a big slump in viewers. The show got a 12-series low 1.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic. Fans are not happy with the way the show is proceeding. They are getting anxious to know what how will it end for their favourite characters. One of the fans tweeted that The Big Bang Theory Season 12 hasn’t matched the standards of the previous seasons.

Big Bang Theory Season 12 spoilers ending finale episode

In the previous episode, we saw that Amy Farrah Fowler used a sensory deprivation tank to prepare for the Nobel Prize. Mayim was really uncomfortable and it can be understood very well. Even though fans may have lost interest in the show, the show’s cast is still not ready to accept the fact that it’s getting over.

Mayim Bialik recently shared that seeing the show stage dismantle was truly heartbreaking. She even said,

Maybe my box of tissues should be the last thing to go [crying face emojis].

The Big Bang Theory season 12 spoilers ending

Bialik said that it has been a special place for her throughout these nine years. A lot has happened on the sets of TBBT. Kaley Cuoco also said that she will miss it all the spoilers and the tidbits in the coming weeks. No matter what, the loyal fans won’t leave the show. They are still shattered to see the show come to an end.