Will The Big Door Prize Episode 11 be released? The Big Door Prize has premiered 2 episodes only but managed to get a good fan following. Apple TV+ stated that this funny series (directed by David West Read) is scheduled for 10 episodes.

On March 29th three episodes were premiered. Then later on the seven other episodes will release. The finale has been scheduled to release on May 17th. We’ll figure out whether The Big Door Prize Episode 11 will air or not.

The star cast includes names like Chris O’Dowd, Gabrielle Dennis, Djouliet Amara, Sammy Fourlas and many others. It is inspired by the book by MO Walsh of the same name.

Will The Big Door Prize Episode 11 Release?
The Big Door Prize has premiered 2 episodes only

Will The Big Door Prize Episode 11 be Released?

Right now there’s no update regarding The Big Door Prize Episode 11 release. Most probably the series will conclude with 10 episodes only. But fans need not be disappointed since The Big Door Prize has been renewed for Season 2 as well. So even if The Big Door Prize Episode 11 doesn’t release fans will wait for season 2.

When Will The Big Door Prize be released?

The confirmed dates for The Big Door Prize Seaosn 2 will be announced later but it is likely that Season 2 will be released by end of 2024. So fans will need to wait for a while before Season 2 is announced.

The Big Door Prize Streaming Guide

The series is the creation of CJ ENM/Studio Dragon for Apple Tv + exclusively. The series is not available to watch on any other platform like Hulu, Netflix or Amazon Prime. Only the ones with Apple Tv + can watch the episodes. You can subscribe to Apple Tv + and enjoy a free trial for 7 days. But later on, you must pay a fee of $6.99 monthly.

The Big Door Prize Synopsis

The show focuses on the inhabitants of a small town and the repercussions that follow when an enigmatic machine exposes to them their true potential. Inspired by M.O. Walsh’s story of the same name, “The Big Door Prize” recounts the story of a tranquil hamlet whose daily routines come crashing down when a strange machine claims to be able to reveal each person’s latent talents and abilities.

As Dusty Hubbard (O’Dowd), a seemingly happy, joyful family man and high school teacher, witnesses his friends and colleagues reconsidering their life choices and goals based on the machine’s outputs, he begins to question whether he is truly as content as he believes. Despite his scepticism, Cass (Dennis) persists to think that the device can help her accomplish happiness.

Prior to the introduction of the Morpho machine, the couple, like a lot of people in Deerfield, led a straightforward, carefree existence. However, this will soon alter as the group confronts its own version of its untapped possibilities in order to progress positively.

Check out the trailer for the series below: