The Crossover, based on the popular children’s book by Kwame Alexander, is a coming-of-age story about basketball prodigy twins JB and Josh. Directed by George Tillman Jr. (The Hate U Give), this promising new series follows the boys’ lives both on and off the court as their pro-baller father adjusts to life after basketball and their mother pursues dreams of her own.

Release Date and Availability

The Crossover will be available to watch on Disney+ for anybody with a subscription. The series will premiere on the Disney Channel on April 4th, 2023, in the US before its Disney+ launch date of April 5th, 2023, in the UK and the US. While we don’t have confirmation, we expect the show to land on the same day in other territories. The series is expected to drop at 8 am (GMT) in the UK and 12 am (PT) and 3 am (ET) in the US.


The Crossover will have 8 episodes. At the time of writing, it is unsure whether the episodes will land at once or stream weekly. However, given how Disney generally releases its content, it will probably be the latter.


The Crossover stars Amir O’Neil as Josh, Jalyn Hall as JB, Derek Luke as their father, and Sabrina Revelle as the boys’ mom. Daveed Digs will narrate the series.

Cast List:

  • Jalyn Hall as Josh Bell
  • Amir O’Neil as JB Bell
  • Derek Luke as Chuck Bell
  • Sabrina Revelle as Crystal Bell
  • Skyla I’Lece as Alexis
  • Deja Monique Cruz as Maya
  • Trevor Raine Bush as Vondle
  • Himie Freeman as Future Josh
  • Darone Okolie as Future JB
  • Gabriela Lopez as Future Maya
  • Joel Steingold as Basil St. John
  • Johnny Cantley as Future Vondie
  • Yvonne Senat Jones as Janice


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