The Diplomat Season 1 Episode 8, “The James Bond Clause,” was the finale of the eight-episode Netflix series released in 2023. This recap contains spoilers and openly discusses the ending of The Diplomat season 1.

The Diplomat Season 1 Ending Explained

The final episode of The Diplomat starts with Foreign Secretary Dennison giving Kate the news that Prime Minister Trowbridge has agreed to the plan to arrest Roman Lenkov, with British Special Forces involvement for the photo opportunity. Kate is to travel with Anu, Dennison’s assistant, to make friendly with the French, who would hate their arrest being overtaken by the British. However, Dennison wants to make the trip himself – with Kate.

On the other hand, Hal gives a fantastic speech at Chatham House, and afterward, a conservative MP named Merritt Grove approaches him for a conversation with some degree of urgency. Kate accuses Hal of trying to manipulate his way into the soon-to-be-open Secretary of State position and sends Hayford to babysit him.

Meanwhile, Billie asks Hayford to loop Eidra into Kate being scouted for the Vice Presidency, but he also reveals that if Eidra returns to Washington, he will be going with her, which offends her.

Why do Hayford and Eidra break up?

Since Hayford told Eidra not to take a job in Egypt and to go public with their relationship, she felt offended after he revealed that he would be going with her if she returned to Washington. This offends her since he should have been honest with her and not asked her not to take a job in Egypt.

What is the Chatham House Rule?

Hal requested that the Chatham House Rule, which states that anything said there could be cited but not attributed, be waived and the speech sent to Billie. He had plans for it.

Why do Hal and Kate break up (again)?

Kate accuses Hal of trying to manipulate his way into the soon-to-be-open Secretary of State position and sends Hayford to babysit him. This pushes Kate closer to Dennison, and Hal’s jealousy becomes apparent. He meets with Merritt Grove, which makes Kate angry, and she accuses him of trying to manipulate his way into the Secretary of State position. This argument causes them to break up.

Who hired Roman Lenkov?

The big moment is ruined when Kate finally gets the French to sign off on the “arrest” of Lenkov, only to be informed that it’s intended to be an assassination. The British Special Forces have no intention of allowing Lenkov to be taken alive. Kate storms out, and Dennison follows. Both discuss why Trowbridge, who would have to authorize such a hit, would want Lenkov dead. Both reach the same realization simultaneously – the only person who would wish Lenkov dead is the person who hired him – Nicol Trowbridge.


At the same time, Hal and Hayford approach Merritt Grove, who opens the door to his car, which explodes. The casualties of the blast are unclear, and the series ends in a moment of confusion and panic.


The Diplomat Season 1 Episode 8 was a dramatic finale with various character developments and plot twists. The ending left the audience in suspense about the characters’ future and relationships.


What is The Diplomat about?

The Diplomat is a 2023 Netflix series that follows British diplomats’ and their families’ personal and political lives as they navigate crises and power struggles.

Is The Diplomat Season 1 worth watching?

That depends on your interests and preferences, but if you enjoy political dramas and character-driven stories, then The Diplomat Season 1 may be worth a watch. Keep in mind that the show can be complex and slow-paced at times.

Will there be a Season 2 of The Diplomat?

As of my knowledge cutoff of September 2021, no official announcements regarding Season 2 of The Diplomat have been made. It’s possible that the show could be renewed or canceled, depending on various factors such as viewership and critical reception.

Who are some of the main characters in The Diplomat?

The show features an ensemble cast of characters, but some of the main ones include:

  • Kate Hewitt, a skilled diplomat, and mother is being considered for the Vice Presidency
  • Hal Rosenfeld, Kate’s partner and a charismatic academic who is struggling to find his place in the diplomatic world
  • Jack Dennison, the Foreign Secretary who is trying to balance his personal and political ambitions
  • Hayford Mills, a charming diplomat who is in a secret relationship with another member of the team
  • Eidra al-Sudairi, a high-ranking Saudi diplomat who is torn between her duty and her desires

What themes does The Diplomat explore?

Some of the themes that The Diplomat touches on include:

  • Diplomacy and foreign policy
  • Power and ambition
  • Relationships and family dynamics
  • Loyalty and betrayal
  • Identity and belonging
  • Ethics and morality

Is The Diplomat based on a true story?

As far as I know, The Diplomat is a fictional series and not based on a true story. However, it’s possible that the show could draw inspiration from real-world events and geopolitical issues.