The Flash season 5 episode 21, titled ‘The Girl With the Red Lightning’ aired only a couple of days ago. For those who missed the live telecast on The CW, here’s a quick recap.

This post will explore The Flash s5E21 spoilers, streaming details and release date. However, before we jump into that it’d be important to know that took place in the previous episode, so that we have an idea to know what follows next.

This article may also contain some potential spoilers from the previous episode.

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The Flash Season 5 Episode 21 Spoilers

The Flash Season 5 Episode 21- Spoilers

The last episode of The Flash saw Nora finally coming to 2019. Everyone gets happy watching her return. However, Barry Allen still isn’t convinced to trust Nora as she worked alongside Thawne. Ralph and Caitlin went to the lab of her father, as we see an emergency alarm blowing up. Now let’s discuss The Flash S05 E21.

Team Flash is seen in the episode, as they are being approached by Cicada II, who’s all set to infect all Metahumans with a deadly virus. Cicada II has to be stopped before he spreads the virus further. Here’s the promo:

The Flash Season 5 Episode 21: Official Title and Release Date

The Flash Season 5 Episode 21- Title and Release Date

The show is now about 21 episodes deep into its season five. Episode 21 of the fifth season of The Flash came out on May 7. The Flash is aired on Tuesdays at 8 PM on CW Channel. Episode 21 of The Flash is titled as “The Girl With the Red Lightning.”

The Flash Season 5 Episode 21: How To Stream Online

The Flash S05 E21 can be streamed online on the CBS app where anyone may stream all episodes online simply by entering their subscription details. There are several other service providers like Roku and Hulu which enable fans to watch The Flash.