HBO Unveils The Last of Us Behind-the-Scenes Special

Undoubtedly, The Last of Us has cemented its place as one of the top shows of 2023 with its phenomenal eight episodes. Its world-building is effortless, and the characters’ development is nuanced and layered, making it a favorite among critics and viewers.

It’s an exceptional example of storytelling that has defied the “video game curse” and emerged as an adaptation that lives up to the source material’s high quality.

Considering The Last of Us is one of the most highly acclaimed video games, this achievement is no small feat.
As the first season draws to a close, many fans may feel bittersweet, but the good news is that a second season has already been greenlit.

HBO The Last of Us Episodes Seasons guide

However, that’s still a few years away. Luckily, HBO has a special treat for fans: a behind-the-scenes special that will air soon. But when can you watch it, and what can you expect from it? With The Last of Us episode 9 about to air, we’ve got all the answers for you.

If you’re eager to watch the Making of The Last of Us, you won’t have to wait long after the season 1 finale. The special will air at 10 p.m. ET tonight, right after the HBO final episode on Sunday, March 12, so mark your calendars!

The Making of The Last of Us is approximately 50 minutes long, and it aims to showcase the extensive work of HBO and Naughty Dog in adapting the beloved video game to the small screen. From the trailer, viewers will hear from Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, Neil Druckmann, and others about their challenges while creating the show.

One particular clip features Pascal describing the harsh winter weather that blankets The Last of Us’ fictional post-apocalyptic world and how it was both difficult and enjoyable to experience. Additionally, viewers will get a sneak peek at how special effects turned a regular world into one overrun by zombies.

If you’re curious, there is indeed a trailer for the Making of The Last of Us that you can watch. Check out HBO’s official tweet to glimpse what’s in store!