You might find it a little weird but there are a few sets of etiquette that the entire population of a nation follows. Like in Japan, people always take off their shoes before entering the house, Eskimo people greet each other by rubbing their noses, and many more. 

But while there are some of the etiquette rules that are limited to a nation, there are a few other rules that everyone should follow. 

Scroll down to check them out. 

1. Carrying women’s bags

  • You should always carry your handbag on the left side so that your right hand is free for handshakes. 
  • If you are a man, you should never carry a woman’s handbag, no matter how dearly the lady is. 
  • Lastly, you should never put your handbag on the table or on the side of the table. Instead, you should always hang it. 

2. Showing respect at the gym

  • If you are late for a group exercise, you should accept whatever space is available rather than blocking everyone to reach your favorite spot. 
  • You should always set the weight machine to the minimum weight for others once you are done. 
  • Also, you should wipe the sweat from the exercise machines that you have used using a paper towel. 

3. Behaving in public places

  • If you are late for a movie or concert, you should not turn your back on the people while going to your spot. Rather you should face them. 
  • If you reach the theater or concert early, you should move your legs as it would make people uncomfortable when they are moving. 
  • You should not talk too loudly in public places. 

4. Dealing with invitations

  • If the invitation says “Regrets Only”, you should not reply until you are sure that you don’t want to go. 
  • If the invitation says “RSVP (“respondez s’il vous plait,” French for “please respond”), this means that you should let the host know that whether or not you are coming. 

5. Handling table manners



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  • If you are leaving your table for some time, you should leave the napkin on the chair and not on your table. 
  • If you are eating and want some time off, you should put the fork on your plate. 
  • You should always inform the host if you are allergic to certain foods. This will save you from awkwardness. 

6. Dressing up for the occasion

  • If it’s a casual day, you can wear a pair of pants and pair them with a t-shirt. 
  • If it’s a business casual day, you should wear something clean and tidy. Skip too tight or oversized clothes. 
  • For formal business attire, you should wear something like a suit or a dark dress. 

7. Being a people person


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  • When you are ordering something, avoid talking on the phone as it looks rude. 
  • Do not take your pets everywhere you go because they really don’t like it.