The third season of demon slayer introduced a few new Demon Slayer breathing styles. The upcoming seasons will no doubt reveal more styles.  Many fans are excited to learn more about the new styles unfolding in the anime. However, many manga fans will already be familiar with most of them. Without giving out many spoilers, let us discuss the different breathing styles.

Demon slayer breathing styles
Demon slayer breathing styles as shown in the anime

Which is the original Demon Slayer breathing style? 

The original breathing style was the Sun breathing style invented by Yoriichi Tsugikuni. It is also known as the Hinokami Kagura (dance of the fire god) only passed down from generation to generation by the Kamado family. It is also the technique used by Kamado Tanjiro in the anime although he hasn’t perfected it yet.

All the other breathing forms are derived from the Sun breathing technique, which isn’t unique to the third season alone. It uses a unique form of breathing that ensures that the user can keep going for a long time without getting exhausted. The only known users so far in the anime are Tanjiro and his father Tanjuro.

Yoriichi Tsugikuni as seen by Tanjiro in his ancestral memory in the Demon Slayer anime

The other Demon Slayer breathing styles

All the other known breathing styles were derived from the sun breathing technique. Yoriichi taught to modify the technique to his students who were not able to use the sun breathing style. The first few to be derived from this technique are Water, Moon, Flame, Thunder, Stone, and Wind.

In order to meet the combat requirements of a Demon Slayer, new breathing styles are constantly developed. This leads to the use of new weapons in demon hunting (such as flails and whips). Such Breathing Styles represent a wider range of ideas, including animals, plants, and feelings (such as snakes, flowers, and love). Users of Breathing Styles naturally picture themselves controlling the object of their style, giving the impression that magic is being used; however, those who are less adept and proficient at using their style will see less of it than someone who is.

These Demon Slayer Breathing Styles can also be mixed and used like Tanjiro uses water and Hinokami Kagura together to fight efficiently.

The secondary breathing forms 

Do you know about the other Demon Slayer Breathing Styles? There are more breathing forms used by the demon slayers that are derived from the main styles. The most notable ones are Flower, Love, Serpent, Sound, Beast, and Mist. Flowers and Serpent are derived from Water, Love from Flame, Sound from Thunder, and Beast and Mist from Wind breathing style. The Incest form of breathing is derived from the Flower breathing. All these breathing styles have different forms ranging from 5 to 16. 

In the anime so far, only a few of them are revealed. Water, Sun (partially), Sound, Flame, Thunder, Beast, and Mist are the only few shown. The upcoming seasons will have many more Demon Slayer Breathing Styles revealed including an elaboration on the Sun breathing style.

Where to watch the Demon Slayer anime?

The anime is available to watch on streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll and Funimation on a subscription basis. It is also available on streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu in select countries. The manga was completed in February 2022 and is available to read on Shueisha’s official Manga Plus mobile app.

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