Al Gore might seem optimistic about the fact that the world is swiftly going to address the change of climate despite of the fact that he was quite a little bit pessimistic about the technology that most of the scientists suggest that it is critically make its way to the end.


Al Gore reportedly had an interview with Mike Allen’s Axios on Wednesday and this had put Gore at odds with a handful of scientists and experts. The scientific panel of United Nations which was apparently issued back in October has discovered a major revelation of the technology.

The technology is designed to capture the emissions of carbon dioxide from the fossil fuels which is relatively critical in keeping the global temperature under control and this would also avoid the worst of the impact of a world which is warm.

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Gore even said that it is impossible to reduce the emissions related to greenhouse without reducing the utilization of fossil fuels which. Gore also said that trying to separate these goals is like believing in tooth fairies.

The true story is that the technology which ceases in capturing the emissions of CO2 from industrial facilities as well as the power plants are effective but the downside is that this technology is excruciatingly expensive since decades which Gore has pointed out.

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Gore has also acknowledged that the recent science panel of the UN has found out that the technology is quite essential and he also said that the technology sort of works. Gore also pointed out one of the greatest challenge of using such a technology and that is the machine costs an enormous amount of money.

According to the Gore the solution is quite improbable as of now. However, these is a chance that the people responsible introducing the technology have to come up with some sort of breakthrough.

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