“The View” no longer wants to let it rip. Following reports of “fart” sounds emanating from the stage, the program added coasters to the table to prevent the co-hosts from being blamed for the unknown noises.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the director wanted to see what it would look like if the mugs were put on white coasters because the source of the sounds was ‘mugs scraping across the glass table.’

There have been several instances of flatulence on the daytime talk program, which have been heard by both audience members and viewers at home.

On the March 21 episode, co-host Sara Haines shifted her mug, and a strange noise was heard.

When Whoopi Goldberg inquired about the commotion, Haines replied, “It’s always my glass every time I turn it.”

The View

“Let’s put that rumor to rest,” Joy Behar said. “That sound that you hear, that’s a cup, okay?”

“Yes, because, we get blamed for dropping gas, when in fact it’s a cup,” Goldberg added, cautioning against saying the noise is anything but the mugs.

The View

The View


Just one week before, the co-hosts burst out laughing after Goldberg looked to let one rip while making a point accidentally on The View.

“That was a lot of fun,” Goldberg admitted as her co-hosts and the crowd laughed.

Back in January, Goldberg noticed something dripping on the table, and as Haines glanced down to see what it was, she moved a little in her seat while what sounded like an odd fart noise sounded on the mic.