The Walking Dead fans were confounded in season 9 when their beloved character, Michonne brutally murdered Jocelyn’s children. The arc revealed a completely new side of the character for the viewers.

After the huge cliffhanger of The Walking Dead season 9 finale, fans are excited to see what the new season brings for their favourite characters.

After a drop in ratings for the last several seasons, TWD showrunners are hopeful for the next season, which will follow The Walking Dead season 9 in its tone and storyline.

The Walking Dead season 10: Michonne fans in for a surprise

The Walking Dead Season 10 spoilers

Angela Kang, who is the member of the writing staff at The Walking Dead, revealed that Michonne will have a “nice, meaty story” in the upcoming season.

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Following Danai Gurira’s big screen success in Black Panther, Kang opened up about her role in the show.

“It’s basically another one of these giant Michonne episodes, which I’m really excited about. Yeah, she will be a significant part of season 10,” she added.

Showrunners have promised that Michonee will have a “really exciting” story moving ahead.

The journey and the speculations

The Walking Dead season 10 spoilersWhile her character started as a loner, Michonne has certainly grown on audiences as well as other characters. Over the course of TWD, she has affected many lives and inspired people.

The comments from the writers suggest that the departure plot for Michonne will certainly be a rager, unlike the disappointing exits of Rick and Maggie.

Fans have already started speculating about the huge ending. One of the The Walking Dead season 10 spoilers (more like rumours) suggest that she will reunite with her daughter. They were separated during the apocalypse.

When she heard the plotline, Gurira said,

“Well, of course, what does it mean to a parent to find out their kid’s still alive? That’s amazing.”

She also said that the comic book is “miles ahead” of the show.

Find out what the next season holds for Michonne and the rest of the tribe at AMC.