No matter whether you work in an office or from home, you spend a lot of time sitting around. Just like many of us if you’re a fan of sitting on your legs or with your legs crossed, you may often suffer from pain or numbness.

But the good news is that designers from Columbia, Missouri have come up with a comfy chair that will let you sit the way you want and enjoy every minute of it.

The new Soul Seat is made for those who love sitting on their legs.

Soul Seat designer Pack Matthews explains

This game-changing chair SoulSeat was designed by Health By Design, a family company from Columbia, Missouri. The founder of the company, designer Pack Matthews, wanted to create an ergonomic chair that would let people comfortably change their sitting position while working.

Together with a physical therapist, yoga instructors, woodworkers, and engineers, Matthews designed the Soul Seat.

After using this chair for a while, he realized how comfortable it really was, and never wanted to go back to conventional chairs again.

Today, there are several models of the Soul Seat available, but what they all have in common is that they have 2 levels: the lower platform where you can comfortably place your legs, and the perch where you sit. Both of the levels are adjustable.

Soul Seat finds the perfect sitting position


When you see Soul Seat for the first time, it may look a bit weird but those who’ve tried it say that this chair offers much more freedom of movement while sitting.

Those who’ve sat on it mentioned that with this chair, they could sit for longer periods of time and could find the perfect sitting position that wouldn’t cause lower back pain or numbness in the legs.

This chair with its unconventional design is gaining popularity and more and more people want to try it. The Soul Seat can be shipped worldwide, and its price varies depending on the model. For more up and exciting news keep following us on Hiptoro.