The horror movie “There’s Something Wrong with the Children” combines campy horror vibes with meaningful themes. While it feels like an unfinished product, it is impressive. The film was written and directed by Roxanne Benjamin and starred Zach Gilford, Alisha Wainwright, and Amanda Crew.

Plot Summary

The movie follows a group of unsuspecting victims falling prey to a supernatural entity. However, this time, the children are the ones who carry out the dirty work.

Why do the evil forms of Lucy and Spencer target Ben?

One important question raised is why Ben is the only one seeing things. He was the only one who saw the kids jump into the pit, and the kids specifically targeted him with their antics. The answer lies in the details. Ben was taking mood stabilizers, indicating he had mental health troubles. The evil forms of the kids noticed this and used it to their advantage.

Why is Ellie & Thomas’ marriage failing?

Ellie and Thomas married after college. However, their marriage suffered after having kids. The real reason for their failing marriage was an incident involving their college acquaintances, Kyle and Katie. Ellie arranged a foursome with them, which had differing reactions between her and Thomas. Since then, Thomas has been distant, and even Ellie feels like she cheated on him.

Why are Margaret and Ben not ready to have kids?

Marge and Ben feel they are not ready to give up their freedom for family life. However, Ellie reveals Margaret’s hypocrisy, mentioning Ben’s unstable mental health as the primary reason. Margaret had mentioned this earlier while drinking with Ellie. It may or may not be the underlying reason behind Margaret’s preference, but it played a part in the overall scheme of things.

What lies at the bottom of the pit?

There is no clear explanation about what lies at the pit’s bottom or the background of the ruins. However, the “Bright Place” at the bottom might be the den of the central monster or entity looking to spread its influence. Lucy and Spencer communicate with gibberish-like words and meshed sounds, similar to insects and bugs. The pit may house an evil, supernatural shape-shifting creature, and the two are presumably replaced with these conniving, intelligent creatures who want to overtake the world.

How does Marge escape the cabins?

Marge was isolated in the cabins while Ben went back to the ruins. Thomas was taken into the woods by Lucy. Marge was terrified when she discovered Ellie’s dead body and tried to get out by creating a distraction for the kids. However, Lucy’s evil form was too bright for her, and she eventually stumbled upon the wooden stairs and fell unconscious. She was dragged to the ruins along with the other adults. While throwing the bodies into the pit and waiting for the reaction of the “glowing thing,” Margaret used the opportunity to push them into the hole. She thought she had got away and went to start her car.


“There’s Something Wrong with the Children” is a unique film with meaningful themes and campy horror vibes. While it feels unfinished, the film’s details and subtext create a compelling story.