One and a half months back, the actor/comedian Tom Arnold challenged President Donald Trump for a fight over a tweet.

And now, the actor confirmed that following his tweet, some Secret Service agents paid him a visit. Tom Arnold sent a video to Mother Jones which showed his conversation with the agents on October 25.

Source- Yahoo

The video showed the “True Lies” star being mutually cooperative with the agents. One agent said that the actor can say anything he wants in this free country but he shouldn’t cross a “certain line.” Arnold accepted his mistakes and said that he perfectly understand the fact that his words might entice somebody.

In the video, the agents are heard saying that an assassination attempt on any President or any popular figure is often motivated by something. And his tweet might be one of it.

Source- Variety

The agents continued saying that Arnold might have tweeted that in some comedy manner, but there are certain types of audience who might take his words really seriously. They might be ramified by your words.

Tom Arnold appreciated this gesture of The Secret Service and thanked them in his tweet on Monday. He thanked David Corn for how perfectly he is doing his job. He then acknowledged The Secret Service saying that they risk their lives to defend the democracy and keep it “safe.”

He continued saying that he really appreciates the fact that the agents took out the time out of their busy day and paid him a visit. He said that he now perfectly understand their message “loud and clear.”

“Words matter. Tone matters. Words can incite violence. Be responsible.”

Tom Arnold said.

This was however not his first encounter with law. A couple of months back, the comedian was alleged to have physical altercations with “Apprentice” producer Mark Burnett.

Source- Fox News