Tom Brady has said that he will be back in sports, but not in the way that fans might have thought.

On Thursday, the football quarterback who just got out of the NFL shocked his social media followers by posting a video on Instagram about how he had bought a big share of a WNBA team. The man who grew up in California and played in the NFL for 23 years is going to spend a lot more time in Nevada.

I got really special news to share today,

Tom Brady said in the video.

I’m excited to announce I’m going to become part of the Las Vegas Aces organization. It was a matter of time before I was back in the building with some of the greatest athletes in the world.

Tom Brady met these athletes for the first time at one of their games in May. According to a press release from the team, Brady “knew he wanted to be a part of the organization” right away. But he seems to have been interested in women’s sports for decades.

I grew up with three older sisters,

Tom Brady said in the Instagram video.

They were all incredible athletes in their own right. They were role models to me. It’s where my love of women’s sports began.

He continued:

I tagged along. I was the annoying little brother to all their games. And they were the best athletes in our house, and they’re still a great inspiration to me.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady famously quit the NFL in February 2022, but he came back 40 days later to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for another year. The five-time Super Bowl MVP famously split up with supermodel Gisele Bündchen in October, just before Brady retired “for good.”

In a recent interview, Bündchen said that the idea that Brady’s return to football was the reason for their breakup was “the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.”


Bündchen also said that she and her husband’s daughter practice jujitsu. She said that martial arts is empowering, which is something that Tom Brady also sees in his new team.

I admire all the work the Aces players … do to grow the sport and to empower the future generations of female athletes, one I have in my own family,

he said.

I’m ready to contribute in any way possible as a member of such a great organization. What an honor.

Three times, the Aces have made it to the WNBA Finals. In 2008, they lost to Detroit, and in 2020, they lost to Seattle. However, in the 2022 finals, they beat Connecticut.

The former quarterback’s investment in a women’s basketball team is just the beginning, though. Fox Sports has said in the past that Brady will become a commentator when he retires. As things stand, it looks like he’s excited and focused on the Aces.

I can’t wait to watch these amazing, talented players bring another championship to Las Vegas,

Tom Brady said in the Instagram video, before concluding with an abbreviated (and explicit) cheer: