Tom Cruise, who played Ethan Hunt in “Mission: Impossible,” will be a part of King Charles’ coronation concert on May 6. The BBC says that the concert will be held on the grounds of Windsor Castle in front of 20,000 people. There will be some pre-recorded sketches that are said to reveal little-known facts about the monarch.

But the “Top Gun: Maverick” star has been linked to the royal family before. He has been friends with royal family members for almost thirty years.

The Sun says that earlier in February, Cruise had been asked to attend the May 6 coronation. A source told the outlet,

Tom has been invited to King Charles’ Coronation and there is no way he would have ever turned it down,

before adding,

It is a hugely prestigious event and Tom is a real royalist — plus he is now close with Prince William and Kate. Tom has told film bosses to shut down the production on Mission: Impossible over the Coronation weekend to make sure he can attend.


Tom Cruise’s special relationship with the Queen.

Before Queen Elizabeth II passed away, the movie star and the late monarch of Britain became friends. They “really got along,” and after he hosted part of the horse exhibition “A Gallop Through History,” they had tea together at Windsor Castle. Before the Queen passed away at age 96, they were even making plans for a second meeting. Cruise became one of the surprise stars of the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee when he was asked to introduce a key part of the horse-themed event “A Gallop Through History.”

Before the event began, Cruise told Phillip Schofield and Julie Etchingham, who were running the show,

I was just very honoured. She’s a woman I greatly admire. She has tremendous dignity and I admire her devotion. What she has accomplished has been historic,

before adding,

I remember as a kid, seeing photos of her. I travelled around a lot and I came to England to make movies in 1982. I love the history and I just have great respect for her. When they asked I instantly said ‘it would be my honour to be here’,

reports Mirror.

Since the Queen couldn’t meet the star of “Knight and Day,” she invited him to tea. In fact, Cruise was even allowed to land his helicopter at the royal home. A source told Sunday Times at that time,

Just the two of them had tea together. She loved seeing him and they really hit it off, so much so that she invited him back for lunch. He was even allowed to fly in by helicopter.


Tom Cruise meeting Princess Diana.

Diana, the former Princess of Wales, went to the London premiere of Tom Cruise’s movie “Far and Away” in 1992. Both Cruise and Nicole Kidman, who was his wife at the time, were there to greet her. In fact, Cruise and Kidman went to the funeral of Princess Diana at Westminster Abbey in 1997, after she passed away.


Tom Cruise became friends not only with Diana but also with her son Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, who are now the Prince and Princess of Wales. Cruise invited Prince William and Kate to the London premiere of his movie “Top Gun: Maverick” last May when he found out that William liked the first “Top Gun” and that he and his mother often watched it. He said of Prince William during the event,

We have a lot in common,

and added,

We both love England, and we’re both aviators. We both love flying,

reports Fox News.

Tom Cruise with Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton


Tom Cruise meeting with the late Prince Philip.

Tom Cruise also spent time with Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, at a dinner at Buckingham Palace in March 2017 to mark the 75th anniversary of the Outward Bound Trust.

Tom Cruise and Prince Philip


Tom Cruise and his love for sports.

During many games, Tom Cruise met up with members of the royal family. In 2022, he met Kate for a short time at Wimbledon in London during the women’s final. People says that he also met William and Kate during the Euro final in 2021.