The saying “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” is true, yet there are times when you just have to fight fire with fire. Fortunately, the r/ProRevenge subreddit is brimming with them. Everyone enjoys a good revenge tale.

When we read some of these, they might appear a little bit harsh, but if we put ourselves in the victim’s position, we’ll like reading those enticing tales of vengeance. While compiling this list, I’m certain I did.Enjoy! I searched through the subreddit page to discover what I considered to be the best revenge stories.


Young and rude adults refuse to pay for public transport, but oooh sweet revenge at the end of the day.
by u/Plywood- in ProRevenge


Okay, this one from the Revenge Stories is pretty epic.

Piss me off? Have fun with SWAT.
by u/WarMachine870 in ProRevenge


Oh god, this one’s long, but it’s absolutely legendary. Favorite right here.

After months of putting up with my roommate from hell, I got the revenge of lifetime and screwed her over out of a fuckton of money and got her to pay rent and life has never been sweeter! (This is a long one)
by u/let-the-write-one-in in ProRevenge


This.. this sounds like a story straight out of a movie.

B!7ch of a friend insults me over dead uncle, gets exposed for all the shit she did
by u/AliTheMadWarlock in ProRevenge


Ooh, I bet she hated that. That’s what you get, though.

Insult people with mental health issues? Oh, honey…
by u/BeaTheRodriguez in ProRevenge