Is Transatlantic Season 2 in the pipeline? The first season has become quite popular on Netflix, garnering praise from critics and audiences alike.

Netflix has established its identity as a premium streaming platform. The latest period drama launched by Netflix, titled Transatlantic, is making the news. The series is inspired by a popular novel and has been created by Anna Winger and Daniel Hendler. The story is based on real events related to the Emergency Rescue Committee (ERC).

The period drama has gathered good ratings for its portrayal of a gloomy time period buried in the books of history. The ERC comprised individuals who aided in the rescuing of hundreds of people from Nazi rule in France. We are introduced to characters inspired by real people who were a part of ERC.

 Transatlantic Season 2 possibility
A still from Transatlantic Season 1

Transatlantic has aired around 7 episodes in total. All these episodes are available on Netflix. You require a subscription to watch all the episodes. The series stars Gillian Jacobs, best known for Community Role (2009-2015) and Lucas Englander, known for Catherine the Great (2019) in the lead roles.

Has Transatlantic been renewed for season 2?

Currently, there’s no update about the renewal of this period drama for another season. It started airing on April 7, so it would be quite early to know the fate of Transatlantic Season 2.

Will there be a Transatlantic season 2 on Netflix?

As of now, the chances are low. The show was intended to be a mini-series with not more than 7 episodes. If we look at the creator’s previous work, Unorthodox, then that, too, didn’t have another season. So Transatlantic is expected to wind up within Season 1 itself.

Transatlantic Season 1 Cast

  • Gillian Jacobs as Mary Jayne Gold
  • Lucas Englander as Albert Hirschman
  • Cory Michael Smith as Varian Fry
  • Ralph Amoussou as Paul Kandjo
  • Deleila Piasko as Lisa Fittko
  • Amit Rahav as Thomas Lovegrove

Transatlantic Season 1 Review

The Netflix series has been appreciated due to the detailed development of every character. Since the story is based on real events so it all appears even more realistic. Fans of period dramas would love watching the show. Yes, there’s no Transatlantic Season 2 at the moment, but you can enjoy all seven episodes of Season 1 in the meanwhile.

Meanwhile, check out the trailer for Transatlantic Season 1: