Andrew Tate is no stranger to controversy. The American-British kickboxer is well-known all over the world for making comments that are offensive to women. But he also has other ways to make the news. He has done a lot of bad things over the years and was caught in Romania.

Top G has been accused of many crimes, and a s*x racket scandal is the most recent one. Many people now avoid him because of the accusations, even though they did so before. His brother says that Christians are one of these groups.


Andrew Tate behind bars for allegations of s*x-trafficking.

Andrew Tate

People say that Andrew Tate ran a s*x trafficking ring. It was alleged that behind all of his online presence on social media, he was running a s*x syndicate. The Romanian police who caught him last month says that one of his victims was tricked into going with him by telling her they were getting married.

This was how low he was said to have gone. When the Romanian police finally caught him and his brother Tristan Tate for their crimes, people were happy because a threat to society who spoke out and had a large following was finally locked up.


Received support from all corners.

Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate is currently still under legal watch. And while he waits to find out what will happen to him, his fans can’t help but hope that he will be freed soon. They have given their blessings in every way possible. But his brother, Tristan Tate, has noticed that there is one group that is missing that stands out. Those people are Christians.

Tristan Tate, his brother, went on Twitter to tell people about it. He tweeted:

My brother has received thousands of letters from Muslim supporters around the world. Not a single Christian has sent me a letter.

It seems that Top G’s decision to become a Muslim has changed the way people feel about him.


Andrew Tate made his conversion official last year.

Andrew Tate

The 36-year-old decided to change his religion from Christianity to Islam in October of last year. He broke the news on Twitter and even used a verse from the Quran. Soon after that, a video of him and Tam Khan praying in a mosque started going around on TikTok.

The MMA fighter also said that the Let’s Not Meet: A True Horror Story podcaster wasn’t doing it for publicity, that Tate didn’t make the video as a PR stunt, and that he did it on his own to spread good vibes. The 41-year-old might have wanted to do that. But spreading positivity is not something that Andrew Tate’s general aim is.