The President of the United States Donald Trump was stuck in Washington DC on Christmas due to the self-imposed shutdown of the government. This led to the president spend his time on the eve of Christmas in the place where he has never been before – a church.


The POTUS was reportedly joined by the first lady of America Melania Trump who in turn enlisted the services of the Christmas Eve at the Washington National Cathedral, based on an account in The Washington Post by listening to the sermon made by Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde who is also the leader of one of the most liberal congregations of Episcopal of Washington. This is entirely focused on this year’s Christmas story.

This might be disconcerting to the congregants for hearing the message by the Bishop which is responsible for the power of the government, capacity of the people for cruelty as well as the dire situation of the refugees which has shunned in America’s significant hour of need in the meanwhile worshiping next to a person who is in dire needs for absorbing most of the messages.


Nevertheless, the Bishop reportedly learned about the arrival of the Trumps shortly before the sermon began. The Trumps arrived at around 10 PM. The Post said that she did not tailor the sermon specifically to the president.

Cathedral Dean Randy Hollerith, as well as Bishop Budde, greeted the President and the First Lady before the custom and the services even began, they have described the participation of the president in the official worship service of the Christian church as the Trumps were much more engaged than his last visit to the cathedral during President George H. W. Bush’s funeral.

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Back during the funeral, Trump didn’t bother himself in joining the mourners when Creed by Apostle was being read.

Source: Washington Press