Nate Diaz took the world by storm when he won his comeback fight against Anthony Pettis. Furthermore, after the match ended, he announced that he is looking forward to facing Jorge Masvidal next – this really shakes things up and makes for a great match between Diaz vs Masvidal.

Nate Diaz UFC Jorge Masvidal
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Let us take a closer look and see when this match between the two is expected to take place.

Understanding the Aftermath of UFC 241 

While most people (and the winning odds) expected that Nate Diaz is going to lose his match against Anthony Pettis at UFC 241, he did surprise everyone and (to the satisfaction of his millions of fans), won the match. Following the match, most people expected him to call out his long-time rival Conor McGregor with whom he has had two matches, winning the first while losing the second.

Diaz vs Masvidal
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Diaz, however, doesn’t seem to want McGregor vs Diaz III. Instead, he challenged Jorge Masvidal to a fight. It will be interesting to see if he accepts as the two men could really bring on the fight of the night!

Diaz vs Masvidal: A Treat for the Viewers!

Nate Diaz vs Jorge Masvidal
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Diaz vs Masvidal is somewhat of a ‘dream fight’. While Diaz is a legend of UFC, Masvidal is also an experienced fighter who has fought across various promotions and has been with UFC for six years now. Given that Nate Diaz is in a really good form after his recent Diaz vs Pettis fight, it would be interesting to see the dynamic between these two men. A date is expected to be announced soon enough – but expect things to actually happen around UFC 245 or 246.