Vinland Saga Season 2 final trailer dropped at the Mappa Stage 2023 event, and fans are grateful to Mappa for creating a Masterpiece.

Vinland Saga Season 2 Final Trailer dropped at Mappa Stage 2023 Event

Mappa has won the hearts of many fans after adapting Vinland Saga Season 2. The fans went gaga over the recent trailer of Vinland Saga Season 2 dropped at the Mappa Stage 2023 event. Let’s have a look at the final trailer!

Fans are extremely appreciative to Mappa Studio, director Shhei Yabuta, series composer Hiroshi Seko, character designer Takahiko Abiru, and music composer Yutaka Yamada for upholding the outstanding standards of the manga series.

“Vinland Saga is a story I really wanna see adapted to the end. I can’t wait for a third season to be announced.”

[email protected]Dragon D. Max

“Seeing Thorfinn’s new look made me feel goosebumps, I hope Mappa continues with the Baltic Sea arc. <3”

[email protected] Soto

“Worried that beardless Thorfinn would look too different but he looks perfect, thank you mappa”

[email protected] Lagerberg

“Best Manga and probably one of the strongest animes ever made. Really in love with what MAPPA managed to achieve with the writing of Yukimura.”

[email protected] der Kosmonaut

“Hands down it’s a masterpiece. Right from the story, character development, and last but not least, animation. Thank you Yukimura-san and Mappa for giving away this generation such an inspiring anime…”

[email protected]Aditya Reddy

“This is elite… Credit to everybody involved in creating this masterpiece.”

[email protected]Sole Searcha

“this anime has given me so much, im just grateful im here to witness it to be honest. when this finishes it will be a top 5 anime of all time no doubt.”

[email protected]

“PERFECTION. PEAK. ZENIT OF THE MEDIUM. Glory to the original work, and glory to MAPPA for adapting it beautifully… I have no words… only the tears I shed during reading and watching this beautiful story. THANK YOU!”

[email protected] Balázs

Vinland Saga Season 2 has so far come a long way with many developments with its characters.

In the trailer, we get flashbacks of Thorfinn’s thoughts from when he was arrogant and determined to exact retribution. In the formerly peaceful nation of Ketil, a fight breaks out that determines the fates of Thorfinn, Einar, and Arnheid.

Vinland Saga Season 2 Final Trailer Is Dropped!!!
Vinland Saga Season 2

The second season follows Thorfinn and Einar’s story as they are now treated like slaves of the war. In an effort to restore their independence, Thorfinn decides to put an end to bloodshed and declares that he has no enemies.


You do not have enemies. No one has enemies.

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