The Evil Dead franchise is officially back, and it’s bringing yet another fright of a movie. So, if you’re looking for some horror flicks to watch this summer, this movie should be on top of your list.

evil dead rise
Evil Dead Rise poster

The last Evil Dead movie was released a decade ago in 2013. No one expected creator Sam Raimi to have a renewed focus on a series that started back in 1981. Today, with yet another dose of nostalgia, fans of the horror genre are gearing up to watch the continuation via Evil Dead Rise.


Throughout the “Evil Dead” franchise, there has been one constant — someone reads an evil book (most commonly called the Necronomicon) and unleashes the forces of hell. In the first two “Evil Dead” movies, we watch this horror show play out in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, with a group of young people getting picked off and possessed by sadistic demons.

Directed by Lee Cronin, Evil Dead Rise sees the Deadites headed to Los Angeles as they plan to unleash havoc on an apartment complex. Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland), a young woman lives with her three children in a Los Angeles apartment. When her sister, Beth (Lily Sullivan) decides to pay her a visit, an earthquake hits their building and leaves a hole in the parking lot. The kids investigate and realize that they hold the Book of the Dead, which unleashes an evil spirit that finds and possesses Ellie. Will she wreak havoc on the family and lose everything she’s worked for, or will everyone make it out alive?

Can you watch Evil Dead Rise online?

Evil Dead Rise made its theatrical debut on April 21, 2023. That means the film is playing exclusively in cinemas right now, and that’s the only way to watch the movie. It’s also produced by Warner Bros. Pictures, which means it’s unlikely the film will stream on Netflix at a later date.

Warner Bros. owns HBO Max which is where the movie will probably head after being in theaters for a while. However, that’s not a guarantee either. While the company used to bring its films to streaming 45 days after premiering on the big screen, now Warner Bros. goes on a case-by-case basis. So unfortunately, all we can do is wait to see if Evil Dead Rise will come to streaming at some point. Fingers crossed!

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