The NBA’s 77th season is now well underway. Fans want to know the ways to watch NBA games online. This post will dig into the same.

The 2023–2024 season will begin on October 18 and end on April 9, respectively. The matches may be seen online on a few streaming services, including Kayo Sports from Australia, Sling TV & Hulu + Live TV in the United States. Naturally, watching the action from the convenience of your residence is the most excellent way to take it all in life.

It’s easier said than done, though. You can encounter blackouts and other issues if you try to broadcast the NBA game. A virtual private network (VPN) can help in this situation. By fooling multiple streaming services into thinking you’re connected from a different location, a trustworthy VPN can get around geo-blocks and blackouts.

watch NBA games online
NBA 2023 online watching options

Why is a VPN required to watch NBA?

The NBA adheres to a strict blackout schedule. Since local/national tv stations have the exclusive right to televise these games, they are blacked out in this area. We will tell you how to watch NBA games online.

All regional teams as well as all nationally broadcast games are prohibited from being broadcast outside by the NBA. It’s also important to remember that the outages are localized to your area.

NBA can be streamed through VPN in other parts of the world
NBA can be streamed through VPN in other parts of the world

Fortunately, a trustworthy VPN can let you circumvent these restrictions. You can watch NBA games online by appearing to be from a place where the blackouts don’t apply by utilizing a VPN.

Best streaming platforms to watch NBA online

Streaming Services to watch NBA online in 2023
Streaming Services to watch NBA online in 2023

We’ll now go through how to watch NBA games online in your nation. Continue reading to learn how to watch some basketball action from wherever you presently live.

  • Canada– SportsNet and TSN offer NBA coverage to those who live in Canada. Both are accessible via cable and also provide streaming services.
  • USA– ABC, ESPN, TNT, & NBA TV are just a few of the networks you can follow the NBA on if you live in the US. Streaming services are the superstars of your life if you don’t have cable TV. Of course, having an NBA League Pass (which costs $28.99 per month) is among the most preferred ways to watch NBA games online.
  • UK– For basketball enthusiasts in the UK, Sky Sports, accessible via Sky (£58/mo), streams the action. Sky Sports channels can also be streamed using the streaming-only Now.