How to watch Sisu online? This question has been running through the minds of viewers ever since the movie was released in theatres. The movie has received immense appreciation from critics.

Sisu is based in World War II-era Finland. An elderly man, Aatami Korpi (Jorma Tommila), ends up finding massive gold deposits. He has to embark on a long journey to take his gold deposits to the nearest bank. He faces major trouble when some greedy Nazi soldiers obstruct his journey. Aatami has few weapons and his beloved pet dog to take on this band of soldiers.

The movie was released in April 2022 after marking its presence at several renowned film festivals. But it will get a digital release within some time. Learn in detail about this movie’s cast, release date, and more.

When Will Sisu Release On Streaming Platforms?

There has been no official announcement about Sisu’s release on any major streaming platform. This is expected since the movie was released hardly a month ago and is still making money at the box office. Sisu will be released digitally only once the theatrical run winds up.

How to watch Sisu Online
Well, Sisu will be available to watch online only on HBO MAX

How do I watch Sisu online?

Want to know about the streaming platform that will air this movie? Well, Sisu will be available to watch online only on HBO MAX. This show has been created by HBO, so it will be released only on the official streaming platform, HBO MAX. You have the choice to buy an ad-supported or an ad-free subscription to watch Sisu online.

Sisu release date
Sisu is a story of courage and bravery

Can I watch Sisu for free online?

HBO Max has been on a roll with hits like Succession, GOT etc. Sisu is the latest series that has grabbed attention and is trending across social media.

You would be happy to know that it is possible to watch Sisu online for free. If you are subscribing to HBO MAX through the Amazon Appstore, Samsung TV, Verizon Fio, WarnerMedia, etc., then you will get a free HBO MAX subscription.

Hulu also offers free HBO content. So look for these options to watch Sisu free online. Please note that HBO doesn’t provide a free trial option to users. So watch Sisu online using the options discussed above.