The US Government has recently taken strict action against the Chinese smartphone and cellular network maker Huawei. In the ongoing US-China trade war, it was a big step which has severe outcomes. The dispute has affected the whole world and Huawei users are living in fear now after Google’s ban. Let us look at the whole issue and answer the question of whether you should buy Huawei or not?

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US against Huawei

US and Huawei Trump Google ban

We all know that Huawei is one of the worlds biggest supplier of smartphones, but surprisingly it is also the primary network manufacturer. Huawei makes cell towers which provides a network in our cell phones and is one of the leading 5G network makers.

But since the HQ of the whole operations is situated in China, it raises a fear that the towers could be used to spy into the US. The intelligence agency of the USA considers it as a big security threat. It had lead to President Trump banning all trade deals with Huawei.

Google banning Apps

US and Huawei Trump Google ban

The first US company to implement the ban was Google which removed Huawei’s access from Android apps and updates. From now on, Google will not allow the Chinese company Huawei to use Play Store, Chrome, Gmail and other Google apps. Along with that, new Huawei phones won’t be able to use Android OS and have to resort to public domain version.

Future of Huawei phones

US and Huawei Trump Google ban

It raises a question into every Huawei phone user or the persons planning to buy a Huawei smartphone. The future of Huawei phones outside China looks in trouble without Android OS. But the makers have assured its customers, that all the existing Huawei phones will not be affected by Google ban.

Only the upcoming phones won’t have the Google apps and updates, for Huawei is developing its own custom OS. If you are thinking to buy a new Huawei phone, it will be better to wait for some time and let the whole US-China trade war be solved.