One Punch Man season 3 has left fans perplexed with its repeated delays, leaving them wondering about the reasons behind the prolonged wait. Disappointment lingers among the majority of fans who eagerly anticipate an official release date, as three and a half years have passed without any concrete announcement.

Originating from a webcomic by ONE and later adapted into a manga by Yusuke Murata, One Punch Man made an immediate impact with its first season, animated by Madhouse. However, the subsequent second season, adapted by J.C. Staff, failed to meet expectations, leaving fans dissatisfied due to its subpar animation quality. After such a lengthy period, fans now receive news that extends beyond mere confirmation of a long-awaited third season.

One Punch Man Season 3 release date

Why One Punch Man Season 3 is taking so long to come out?

Following the conclusion of One Punch Man season 2 in July 2019, fans expressed concerns about a potential third season. However, the official Twitter account expressed gratitude and encouraged continued support. Although the confirmation provided reassurance, the reveal of the key visual featuring Saitama and Garou, designed by Chikashi Kubota, was delayed. Kubota, known for their work as the character designer in the previous seasons, played a crucial role in shaping the anime’s unique visuals.

One Punch Man Season 3 release date

Chikashi Kubota’s return as the character designer indicates their ongoing involvement in season three. However, details about other returning crew members remain undisclosed. Fans eagerly anticipate further updates to reveal the complete production team for this highly anticipated installment.

A Twitter leaker, Shonenleaks, revelation of MAPPA studio taking over One Punch Man season 3 eased fans’ worries about J.C. Staff’s involvement. MAPPA’s impressive track record and success with Attack on Titan Final Season, Vinland Saga S2, Chainsaw Man, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku brought relief and anticipation for high-quality animation. Excitement grows as fans eagerly await MAPPA’s capable hands to bring One Punch Man season 3 to life.

The announcement of MAPPA’s takeover of One Punch Man on December 7, 2022, shed light on the prolonged delay of the anime. With this information, it becomes understandable why fans have had to wait for such an extended period of time.

One Punch Man Season 3 release date update

The four-year gap between the first and second seasons of the anime set a precedent for a similar delay in the third season. However, the global COVID-19 pandemic further extended the project’s timeline, accounting for the additional delay.