ABC is reportedly considering renewing the off aired television show, Whiskey Cavalier, for a season 2.

ABC’s drama series revolves around an FBI agent and a CIA operative known by their codenames — Whiskey Cavalier and Fiery Tribune.

ABC’s Whiskey Cavalier has a funny and interesting storyline. It has reportedly replaced series like Castle and Bones.

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Whiskey Cavalier season 2: The Plot

Whiskey Cavalier season 2 could return

Can Chase aka Whiskey Cavalier, an FBI agent, played by Scott Foley, and, Frankie Trowbridge aka Fiery Tribune, a CIA operative, played by Lauren Cohan, the start of as rivals in the series.

Whiskey Cavalier and Fiery Tribune are together appointed to a joint-agency task force to move crime and corruption and save the globe.

The additional force includes Vir Das, Cod Hopkins, Ana Ortiz, and Tyler James Williams.

ABC reconsidering Whiskey Cavalier’s cancellation


In a report, earlier this month, Whiskey Cavalier was declared canceled by the first rudiment. Notwithstanding, the ABC network is reconsidering its call.

Fans have loved Whiskey Cavalier season one. In protest, they have launched a campaign opposing the cancellation.

Whiskey Cavalier season one finale earned off-the-charts ratings, giving another reason to revive the sequel.

Whiskey Cavalier 2: A great addition

Whiskey Cavalier season 2 cast

With the amazing cast members, Whiskey Cavalier is likely to be a great addition to the current line-up of the series.

The team members of the Whiskey Cavalier series portray the dynamics of different relationships in a significant way.

Instead of following the conventional way of story-telling, the show is slowly turning into situation comedy with action relief; and not the other way round – action show with comedy relief beginnings.

It is clear that Whiskey Cavalier is one of the better plot-based shows aired on ABC network.

Lauren Cohan, aka Fiery Tribune, needs her character to be explored on the darker side. If only the management at ABC could sensibly think, they would have already invested innovatively in the sequel.