The Terrifier movies have given audiences a genuinely terrifying and sadistic clown in the form of Art, who takes pleasure in brutally murdering his victims. Fans of the franchise eagerly anticipate a third installment, but is one in the works? This article will explore what we know about a potential Terrifier 3 release.


This article contains spoilers relating to Terrifier 2’s ending.

What are the Terrifier Movies About?

The Terrifier movies follow Art the Clown, a demonic killer who takes delight in murdering anyone who crosses his path. In the first movie, he terrorizes three young women on Halloween night, while in the second, he targets a teenage girl and her younger brother. We know little about Art’s origins, but a demon may have possessed him.

Will There Be a Terrifier 3?

While there is no official announcement for Terrifier 3, director Damian Leone has given his “guarantee” that a third movie will happen. Leone has even revealed that he has the entire treatment ready for the film, but it may end up being so long that it could split into a fourth part. Leone has also stated that he’ll only make another sequel if fans are still accepting of the character and franchise.

Quote from Damian Leone:

“I can almost guarantee a part three. After that? We’ll see if there’s anything left and if the fans still are still accepting of this character and this franchise.
I pretty much have the entire treatment ready for ‘Part 3,’ but it’s getting so big that it could potentially split into a ‘Part 4’ because I wouldn’t want to make another 2 hour 20-minute movie.”

What Could Terrifier 3 be About?

At the end of Terrifier 2, Art is beheaded by Sienna, the teenage girl he terrorizes throughout the film. However, in the end-credits scene, Victoria Heyes, one of the main characters from Terrifier, gives birth (in the most horrific of ways) to Art’s head. While it’s hard to say how Art could return, he’ll likely terrorize the young siblings again, along with their friends and surviving family members. We may also learn more about Art’s origins and connection to Sienna’s father, which was alluded to in Terrifier 2.

When Could Terrifier 3 be Released?

As of now, there is no official release date for Terrifier 3. However, as Leone is currently working on the script for the movie, we can expect a late-2024 or 2025 release. If you’re a franchise fan, the wait may be long, but it will be worth it.


While there’s no official announcement for a Terrifier 3 release, fans of the franchise can take solace because the director is already working on the script. With the return of Art the Clown, we can expect more brutal violence and terror, as well as potential revelations about his origins. Stay tuned for more updates on Terrifier 3.