Windows 10 Warning Error Message Scam
Image: YouTube

Windows 10 is now the most popular Operating System in the world.

Early last year, it was still trailing to Windows 7 – but by now, Windows 10 is the clear winner. Considering that this is the largest OS, hackers have their eyes set on Windows 10 now.

A new Windows 10 warning error message is doing rounds, which is actually a scam. Here are the complete details:

Beware of Scammy Windows 10 Warning Message

A Windows 10 warning error message, reading “your Windows system is damaged” is making rounds. The message prompts the users to click on an “update” button. Interestingly, this Windows 10 warning message appears only on browser windows – and not on your computer as a regular error message would.

Windows 10 Warning Error Message Windows Operating System
Image: Express

Alert users would know that this is not the way Microsoft typically sends out error messages. However, for a large number of users who may consider this as a regular error message, this is dangerous. Clicking on this update button would lead to the unsuspecting users downloading malware on to their PC.

Interestingly, such errors have been spotted for Windows 7 in the past too. Sometimes, these Windows 10 warning messages also tell you that all your system files will be downloaded if you don’t update immediately.

How to Stay Safe from this Windows 10 Warning Scam?

The only defence against this is knowledge. Know that Microsoft would NEVER send you an error message over your web browser. All error messages that Microsoft sends are dialog boxes which appear on your desktop.

Windows 10 Warning Error Message Example
Example of an error message on Windows 10 (image: Windows Forum)

Moreover, Microsoft’s April 2019 Windows 10 update is going to take things one step forward. The company is going to simplify error messages following this new update, currently codenamed 19H1.

Source : ZDNetExpress (UK)