Work can be frustrating even when things are going well, but it’s especially frustrating to find out that your company is hiring someone else to do the same job you do for a much higher salary. Kimberly Nguyen did have that happen to her. When the 25-year-old poet, who works as a coder during the day, found out what was going on, she ended up applying for her own job.

Nguyen said on Twitter that she saw on LinkedIn that her company was looking for “another UX writer.” Having more people help is always a good thing. But then she realized they were offering $32k-90k than what they paid her to do the same job. Yikes!

A difference of a few thousand dollars here and there might make sense, but this is a big difference. Nguyen has also been “arguing for months about the difference in pay.”

She wrote:

If the difference were like $10-15k I feel like I’d be less upset. But I’ve been asking for a raise for months and they’re out here flaunting they’re willing to pay a new person at least $32k more than me??? For the same job??


Kimberly Nguyen is speaking out against unfair pay.

When Kimberly Nguyen asked her boss for more money, she was told it wasn’t the right time because the company was having trouble. So, how could a new employee be getting so much more?

I have told my managers multiple times that I know I’m being underpaid,

she shared.

I have gotten the runaround, and they know they can do this right now in a tough labor market.

Later, the company said that the job posting was “internal” and “wasn’t for anyone outside the company to apply to.” Even though it was posted on LinkedIn for everyone to see. They said it was the law, even if they planned to hire from within the company.

But that doesn’t make a difference for Kimberly. So what if it’s someone you work with now? Why should they be paid so much more?

People asked her if she had heard back about her application, but Kimberly thinks her time at the company is coming to an end.

LOL, no. I’m actually pretty sure they’re going to fire me for this whole debacle,

she wrote.