A woman said that she was saving money on rent by living in a shed in her parents’ backyard.

Aniah Warne is a 21-year-old woman from Boise, Idaho. When she moved out of her parents’ house, she couldn’t afford to rent a separate apartment for herself, so she used the space in their backyard.

Aniah showed her followers around her shed in the TikTok video that went viral after someone pointed out that she lived in a shed.

I do live in a shed. This is my shed,

she replied to the commenter in her video with a big smile on her face.

Then she showed her curious followers where she lived and talked about how she had made it comfortable for herself.

So I have this step right here that is like a little porch, and this wall opens up,

she said in her video.

So I have my desk, a TV, my bed, and then this is the view sitting in my bed,’ she said of the setup.

And then I have my nightstand with essentials, a cute little chair, plant, shelves, fridge. I have this mirror to look at outfits, and then this is my closet.

It’s quite clean right now,

she joked about the mess in her closet.

So, yeah. That’s my shed,

she concluded her video.

On TikTok, Aniah’s video got over 1.5 million views and thousands of likes and comments.

I don’t get how people can see this and not want to do the same thing,

one person commented.

Bro this is so cute it’s like a studio apartment but actually in a pretty place I love,

a second wrote.

This is what my husband and I are building for our kids. Everyone gets a little studio on our property so when they’re 18 they don’t need to move out,

a third added.

In New Zealand we call these sleep outs I thought that’s what everyone called them haha! Nice sleep out,

someone said.

This is what I lived in in college! My shed was 10 feet away from the main house and I went in to cook/use bathroom,

added another.

you’re living my childhood dream,

another follower commented.

I love your shed,

said someone else.