A woman with long brunette hair, bearing resemblance to Rapunzel’s blonde hair, did the unimaginable. Long-duration flights are a task that leaves a passenger with little to no patience. Imagine yourself in this position with a cocky passenger sitting in front of you. No, they’re not gliding their seat back. They are throwing their lush hair on you! A similar incident happened with Julie Christensen on a flight a while ago.

Christensen is a food blogger, traveler, and social media influencer, who was on an Aegean Airlines flight flying from Athens to Amsterdam. The flight was long and delayed. Hence, she just wanted a peaceful flight but to no avail. The woman in front of her had draped her thick long brunette hair over her seat and down to Julie’s stowaway tray. To make matters worse, her hair was almost dipping into her coffee. Julie took to her social media to share the gross moment saying, “I wish this was staged.” Her followers asked her to confront the woman.

Woman Throws Hair To The Back Of Her Seat Mid-Flight

Julie explained that she had no strength to confront the woman. Meanwhile, her followers said that they were “too petty for this.” Traveling often, Julie is accustomed to such behaviors and knows how to make her peace with them. Instead of complaining, she enjoyed the legroom and held the coffee cup in her hand. She says, “People get fired up because it’s a very rude thing to do. Maybe other people would’ve reacted differently or even aggressively to this, but, for me — I’m used to it.”

There are different ways of dealing with such odds. One could confront the passenger in an aggressive way leading into a big chaos. This would not only ruin your experience but the other co-passengers’ as well. Moreover, Jacqueline Whitmore, founder, and director of The Protocol School of Palm Beach makes a suggestion in this regard. She says that we should make it sound like we are looking for the other person’s welfare, too, and not just yours. She says no matter how rude the other person may be or how irritated we are, we must be the better person and approach the other party kindly. Moreover, one can always ask a flight attendant to deal with the issue.