In response to Bud Light’s Dylan Mulvaney’s ‘365 days of Girlhood’ ad, conservative women have taken to social media to report the number of days they have lived as a woman. The controversial 26-year-old influencer, who came out as a trans woman in March 2022, said on April 1 that she had become a Bud Light ambassador.

Dylan Mulvaney also said that the beer business sent her special edition, Bud Light packs with her visage to commemorate her “365 Days of Girlhood” achievement. Dylan Mulvaney posted a video to her Instagram account showing herself holding a beer can with her face printed on it. “Welcome to March Madness!! “Just discovered this had something to do with sports and not just saying it’s been a crazy month #budlightpartner,” Dylan Mulvaney said on Instagram. The collaboration drew criticism on social media, with people labeling it as yet another attempt to push gender misinformation.

‘Womanhood is so much more than just dressing up in makeup’

According to the Daily Mail, many women have opted to react against the ad by sharing their own ‘days of womanhood’ on social media. Lauren Boebert, the fiery Republican lawmaker from Colorado, wrote on Twitter, “Today, I celebrate 13,262 days of being a woman.” I’ve been pregnant five times (with one miscarriage in 2012) and have given birth to four amazing boys who sprang from my womb. One of those four boys will make me a grandmother any day soon. Womanhood is so much more than putting on cosmetics and wearing a skirt for online videos.”

Dylan Mulvaney’s controversial collabs

Mulvaney has been the talk of the town since the Bud Light campaign became out. She came out as a trans woman in March 2022 and rose to notoriety by documenting her ‘Days of Girlhood’ on TikTok, revealing her transitioning experience. Mulvaney, who has over 10 million followers on social media, walked her first Grammys red carpet earlier this year and frankly shared the results of her facial feminization surgery with her fans.

Dylan Mulvaney

Mulvaney visited the White House in October to commemorate her 221st day as a woman. She discussed transgender healthcare with Joe Biden, who stated that “people fear what they don’t know.” In addition to Bud Light, the San Diego native has agreements with Ulta Beauty, Crest, EOS, CeraVe, Native, Kitchen Aid, and Instacart. Mulvaney just stirred another social media firestorm after appearing in an Olay Women beauty commercial.