Blizzard has been pushing hard to perfect its highly anticipated title World of Warcraft Classic. The developers have announced another set of stress tests which is not the part of the original announcement.

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This second series of stress test looks like an effort to quash out all the bugs before the launch of the game. The initial sets of stress test began two weeks ago and ran for two weeks.

Bornakk username of the community manager made a post on Blizzard’s official forums explaining the details of these test. According to Bornakk, the developers were unable to cover all the aspects of the game they intended to test in the first set of the stress tests as several issues crept up during the event.

Blizzards released a new schedule for these new stress test. The first stress test was done on May 29 from 2 pm to 4 pm PDT.

Users who are interested in the realm that has been tested in this stress test can check out the website.

World of Warcraft Classic Closed beta

We at Hiptoro have covered World of Warcraft Classic for quite some time and as we have mentioned earlier the game is in closed beta.

World of Warcraft Classic Close beta

So if you are interested in the closed beta signup process then have a look at this article.

It should be noted that signing up for the beta program will not guarantee you a spot in the testing list. Blizzard will send an email with a link for the beta client to the selected players.

However, Blizzard has announced that they are mulling to increase the number of players in their beta testing pool.

World of Warcraft Classic Release Date

Blizzard has plans to carry out two more rounds of stress test before the release of the game.

World of Warcraft Classic

The fully playable version of World of Warcraft Classic will be released in the month of August on 27.